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RESSET Water Resources Database is designed for the research of china’s water resources. The database provides the richest index resources and the most comprehensive historical data. It is arranged as total water resources, per capita water resources, water supply, total water consumption, per capita water consumption, wastewater discharge and treatment by regions. There also has discharge and treatment of industrial waste water from industries and the evaluation results of sea water quality in the whole sea area.

Categories Database list
The total amount of water resources

Total Water Resources、Surface Water Resources、Groundwater Resources、Surface Water and Groundwater Repeat Resources

The amount of water resources per capita

The Per Capita of Water Resources(Regionally)

The total water supply

Total Water Supply、Surface Water Supply、Groundwater Supply、Other Water Supply

The total water

Total Water Consumption、Agricultural Water Consumption、Ecological Water Consumption、Domestic Water Consumption、Production Water Consumption

Per capita consumption

The Per Capita of Water Consumption(Regionally)

Life pollutant emissions

Domestic Sewage Emissions、Domestic Sewage COD Emissions、Domestic Sewage Ammonia Emissions

Industrial "three wastes" emissions

Industrial Wastewater Emissions、Industrial Wastewater Directly Into the Mass、Industrial Wastewater COD Emissions、Industrial Wastewater Ammonia Emissions

Industrial "three wastes" discharge standards

Industrial Wastewater Discharge Standards

The number of industrial "three wastes" treatment facilities

Number of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facilities

By Sector Industrial Wastewater Discharge and Treatment

Industrial Governance "Three Wastes" Number of Business Units、Industrial "Three Wastes" Emissions、Industrial "Three Wastes" Discharge Standards

The evaluation results of the whole area of sea water quality/td>

Cleaner Sea Area、Slightly Polluted Sea Area、Moderately Polluted Sea Area、Seriously Polluted Sea Area