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Based on the significance of China's regional economy and the requirements of Regional Economic Research, RESSET Regional Economy Database did statistical research on the economic situation of various regions in China (urban area and municipal area). Fully in accordance with the design standard of many famous international database, combined with China's present economic situation, based on the empirical research, this database is designed by a number of experts from well-known universities and research institutions.

The design idea, system structure, data quality and technical model of RESSET regional database have reached the international advanced level, which can provide strong support for the construction of empirical research, discipline and laboratory construction. The data includes the national economic accounting, population, employment and wages, fixed assets investment, domestic trade, foreign trade, finance, city, land resources and environmental protection, industry, investment in real estate development, transportation and telecommunications, wholesale and retail, finance, securities and insurance, education, culture, health and other social services, 17 categories in total. The variables and indexed are rich and diverse. Among them, there are more than 65 thousand popular economonic indexes you can study.

Categories Database list
National Accounts

Gross Domestic Product_Urban、Gross Domestic Product_Municipal Districts、Per Capita Gross Domestic Product_Urban、Per Capita Gross Domestic Product_Municipal Districts、Gross Domestic Product Growth_Urban、Gross Domestic Product Growth (at 1990 constant prices)_Municipal Districts、Three industries in GDP、Three Industries in GDP_Urban


Total Population Count_Urban、Natural Population Growth_Urban、Total Population Count for Non-agricultural_Urban、Total Population Count_Municipal Districts、Total Population Count for Non-agricultural_Municipal Districts、Natural Population Growth_Municipal Districts、Population Density_Municipal Districts、Average Annual Population_Municipal Districts

Employment and Wages

The average wage of workers in urban area and municipal districts, Total amount of wages of staff, The average number of employees, The number of registered unemployment at the end of year, the number of private company and self-emplyed, the number of employees, The proportion of the three industry employees

Fixed Assets

Total Investment in Fixed Assets_Urban、Total Investment in Fixed Assets_Municipal Districts

Domestic Trade

Total Retail Sales of Social Consumer Goods_Urban、Total Retail Sales of Social Consumer Goods_Municipal Districts

Foreign Economic Relations and Trade

The number of new contracts signed by foreign investors in urban area and municipal districts, the investment of foreign deals, Actual utilization of foreign capital


Local financial budgetary revenue in urban area and municipal districts, Local government budgetary expenditures

City Profiles

Volume of Water_Municipal Districts、Per Capita Water Consumption_Municipal Districts、Household Water Consumption_Municipal Districts、Total Annual Electricity_Municipal Districts、Per Capita Electricity Consumption_Municipal Districts、Industrial Electricity Consumption_Municipal Districts、Gas Household Amount_Municipal Districts、LPG Household Amount_Municipal Districts、Total Amount of Gas Supply_Municipal Districts、Population with Gas_Municipal Districts、Total LPG Supply_Municipal Districts、Population with LPG_Municipal Districts、End of Paved Roads Area_Municipal Districts、Paving the Road Area Per Capita_Municipal Districts、Number of Public Operating Steam Tram_Municipal Districts、Bus and Tram Every Million People_Municipal Districts、Total Bus and Tram Passenger_Municipal Districts、Year-end Taxi_Municipal Districts、Green Space Area_Municipal Districts、Green Coverage_Municipal Districts、Public Green Area_Municipal Districts、Built-up Green Coverage Area_Municipal Districts、Per Capita Green Area_Municipal Districts

Land Resources and Environmental Protection

Land Area_Urban、Land Area_Municipal District、Built-up Area of Land_Municipal District、Urban Construction Land Area_Municipal District、Urban Construction Land Area Accounted City Area_Municipal District


Number of Industrial Enterprises、Industrial Output、Financial Situation of Industrial Enterprises

Real Estate Investment

Investment in Real Estate Development_Urban、Investment in Real Estate Development_Municipal Districts、Real Estate Development_Residential Investment_Urban、Real Estate Development_Residential Investment_Municipal Districts

Transportation and Telecommunication

Passenger Volume、Freight、Posts

Wholesale and Retail

Wholesale and Retail Total Trade of Goods Sold_Urban、Wholesale and Retail Trade Enterprises Number Above the limit_Urban、Wholesale and Retail Total Trade of Goods Sold_Municipal Districts、Wholesale and Retail Trade Enterprises Number Above the limit_Municipal Districts

Financial, Securities and Insurance

Closing Balance of Urban and Rural Residents Savings_Urban、End of Loans in Financial Institutions_Urban、End of Deposits in Financial Institutions_Urban、Closing Balance of Urban and Rural Residents Savings_Municipal Districts、End of Loans in Financial Institutions_Municipal Districts、End of Deposits in Financial Institutions_Municipal Districts


Number of Schools、Number of Full-time Teachers、Number of Students


Total Reserves of the Public Library、Number of Theaters、Per Capita Public Library Collection

Health and Other Social Services

Number of Hospitals、Hospital Beds、Number of Doctors