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RESSER Options Database (RESSET/OPT)covers Options Varieties, Option Contract, Option components, Option Exercise Settlement, Options Daily Quote and the other option index. This database strives to be comprehensive and abundant.

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Options Varieties

Options included basic information Shanghai Stock Exchange breed contracts.Including Underlying Asset Code、Underlying Asset Name、Effective Date、Contract Type、Expiration Month、Transaction Hour、Expire Date、Vesting Date etc.

Option Contract

The latest basic information on the real contract of Shanghai stock exchange.Including Contract Code、Contract Status、Contract Unit、Delisting Date of Contract、Exchange、Opening Reference Price etc.

Option Contract Adjustment

The previous adjustment of the stock exchange of Shanghai stock exchange.Including New Trade Code、Original TradeCode、Original Contract、New Contract Referred、Original Purchase Price、Adjustment Date、Adjustment Reason.

Component of Option

The underlying securities included in the Shanghai Stock Exchange options to call up the information transferred.

Option Exercise Settlement

Included in the Shanghai stock exchange option exercise settlement information.Including Equivalent Subject Amount、Spot Settlement Amount、Cash Settlement Amount etc.

Options Daily Quote

Options included the Shanghai Stock Exchange daily market information.Including Trading Date、Open Price、Close Price、Low Price、High Price、Settlement Price、Trading Volume、Turnover、Open Interest.

Options Daily Trading Statistics

Included in the Shanghai Stock Exchange after-hours trading options contracts daily statistics.Including Total Trading Volume、Total Position、Member Ranking、Member Trading Volume、Member Position.

Options Daily Risk Indicator

After Hours daily risk indicators included information Shanghai Stock Exchange options contracts.Including Trading Date、Delta、Theta、Gamma、Vega、Pho.

Option Daily Disk before Static Data

Option contract information on the date of the transaction.Including Contract Code、Contract Abbreviation、Delivery Date、Underlying Asset Name、Previous Closing Price、Previous Settlement Price、Price Celling、Price Floor、Margin Unit、Whole Hand Number、Limit Orders Minimum、Limit Orders Maximum、Market Orders Minimum、Market Orders Maximum.