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RESSET Nonferrous metal database includes the most popular indicators from The London Metal Exchange (LME), the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE), the Shanghai gold exchange, the New York Mercantile Exchange (COMEX), Shanghai Changjiang nonferrous metals, nonferrous metals industry association, the world gold association and some other industry authorities.

The data covers nonferrous metal data from London Metal Exchange (LME), the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE), the Shanghai gold exchange and the New York Mercantile Exchange (COMEX), spot price, yield, imports and exports of gold, copper, lead, zinc, tin, nickel, etc., the global output data of mineral resources by areas and types of nonferrous metals. There are more than 970 data tables and 14500 indicators in total.

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The Shanghai Gold Exchange on the Spot Price

Shanghai Gold Exchange_Au9995 Spot Daily Price、Shanghai Gold Exchange_Au9999 Spot Daily Price、Shanghai Gold Exchange_Au100g Spot Daily Price、Shanghai Gold Exchange_Au(T+D) Spot Daily Price、Shanghai Gold Exchange_Pt9995 Spot Daily Price、Shanghai Gold Exchange_Ag(T+D) Spot Daily Price

Shanghai Huatong Platinum Silver Trading Market Spot Price

Shanghai Huatong Silver Platinum Market_Non-Ferrous Metal Spot Daily Price、Shanghai Huatong Silver Platinum Market_Precious Metal Spot Daily Price、Shanghai Huatong Silver Platinum Market_Strategic Metal Spot Daily Price、Shanghai Huatong Silver Platinum Market_Silver Spot Daily Price

Scrap Metal_Divided by Region

Domestic Scrap Metal Offer_Foshan、Domestic Scrap Metal Offer_Qingyuan、Domestic Scrap Metal Offer_Tianjin、Domestic Scrap Metal Offer_Taizhou、Domestic Scrap Metal Offer_Shanghai、International Scrap Metal Offer

London Metal Exchange Premiums and Discounts_LME

LME Copper Premiums and Discounts、LME Tin Premiums and Discounts、LME Lead Premiums and Discounts、LME Zinc Premiums and Discounts、LME Aluminum Premiums and Discounts、LME Nickel Premiums and Discounts、London Metal Exchange_Aluminum Alloy Daily Price、London Metal Exchange_Aluminum Daily Price、London Metal Exchange_Copper Daily Price、London Metal Exchange_Lead Daily Price、London Metal Exchange_Nickel Daily Price etc.

World Gold Council_WGC

WGC_Global Gold Price_Day、WGC_Global Gold Price_Week、WGC_Global Gold Price_Month、WGC_Global Gold Price_Quarter、WGC_Global Gold Price_Year

Aluminium Region Offer_Day


Basic Metal Manufacturers Offer_Ten Days

Basic Metal Manufacturers Offer_Copper_Ten Days、Basic Metal Manufacturers Offer_Aluminum_Ten Days、Basic Metal Manufacturers Offer_Lead_Ten Days、Basic Metal Manufacturers Offer_Zinc_Ten Days、Basic Metal Manufacturers Offer_Tin_Ten Days

Small Metal Manufacturers Offer_Ten Days


Auxiliary Materials Manufacturers Offer_Ten Days

Sulfuric Acid、Fluoride、Cryolite、White Carbon、Carbon Anode Blocks

Small Metal Manufacturers Offer_Ten Days


Rare Earth Alloy

Rare Earth Ferrosilicon、Rare Earth Magnesium Ferrosilicon