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RESSET Natural disaster database mainly includes Geological hazards and its prevention and treatment, Forest fire situation, Forest pest control, Environmental pollution and damage accidents, the situation of marine disaster and earthquake disaster; including urban area, number of city street lamps, number of Urban Bridges, number of city parks, city Park Area, urban sweeping area, city taxi number, city public toilet, area of urban built-up area, city gas penetration rate, urban park green space, total number of urban environmental sanitation machinery, area of urban construction land, urban water supply capacity, total urban water supply, urban population density, etc.

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Geological Hazards and its Prevention and Treatment

Number of Occurrence Landslides、Number of Occurrence Collapse、Number of Occurrence Mud-rock Flow、Number of Occurrence Geological Disasters、Number of Occurrence Ground Subsidence、Number of Projects for Geological Disaster Prevention etc.

Forest Fire Situation

The Total Area of the Fire、The Affected Area of Forest、The Affected Area of Natural Forest、The Affected Area of Artificial Forest、Number of Occurrence Forest Fires、Number of Occurrence General Forest Fires、Number of Occurrence Major Forest Fires、Number of Occurrence Extra Large Forest Fires etc.

Forest Pest Prevention and Control Situation

The Area of Forest Disease、The Area of Forest Pest、Lin Lin Rat Area、The Area of Forest Diseases and Pests、Forest Diseases Control Rate、Forest Pests Control Rate、Lin Lin Rat Control Rate、The Area of Forest Diseases Control、The Area of Forest Pests Control etc.

Environmental Pollution and Damage Accidents

The Number of Other Accidents、The Number of Water Pollution Accidents、The Number of Atmospheric Pollution Accident 、The Number of Marine Pollution Accidents、The Number of Solid Waste Pollution Accidents、Environmental Pollution and Destruction Accidents、The Number of Noise and Vibration Hazard Accident

Earthquake Disaster Situation

Number of Occurrence Earthquake、The Number of Casualties Caused by the Earthquake、The Number of Death Caused by the Earthquake、The Earthquake Caused Economic Losses、Number of Occurrence Above Seven Magnitude Earthquake、Number of Occurrence Five and Five Point Nine Magnitude Earthquake、Number of Occurrence Six and Six Point Nine Magnitude Earthquake

Marine Disaster Situation

Number of Occurrence Disaster、Disaster Economic Loss、Number of Disasters Caused Casualties_Missing