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RESSET Macro Database covers various fields including macroeconomics, industry economics and regional economics. Data contents completely cover domestic economics accounting, population, employment and wages, fixed asset investment, domestic trade, foreign economic and trade, energy, finance, interest rate, price index, economic sentiment, people's lives, city profiles, administrative divisions and the environment, as well as the overall industry statistics and summary information data under the three main industries. This database contains real-time and accurate information, including as many as 540,000 prevailing, commonly used indicators, hundreds of millions of observational records. Currently, it is the domestic macroeconomics database among industry with the richest data, the most reasonable structure, the most coherent logic and the most convenient usage.

Categories Database list
Domestic economics accounting

Gross domestic product(GDP), GDP constitution, GDP index, GDP per capita, GDP per capita index, gross national product(GNP) index, GDP by expenditure approach, GDP constitution by expenditure approach, contribution of the three main demands to the GDP growth rate and stimulating, contribution rate of three industries, level of consumption, rate of the international balance of payments, consumer spending, GDP by income approach


Population and constitution, the natural population change, population age structure and dependency ratio

Employments and wages

Employments and wages, number of employments, total post wages, average wage of works in the post, unemployment person registered in the urban and the unemployment rate

Fix asset investment

Fix asset investment, total fix asset investment, fix asset investment in the urban, investment in fix asset of rural households and building, national private fixed asset investment

Domestic trade

total retail sales of social consumer goods, total retail sales of enterprises goods upon limits, consumer sentiment index, total retail sales of social consumer goods

International economics and trade

Monthly International economics and trade, international economics and trade by region, international economics and trade survey, RMB exchange rate, total number of import and export goods, foreign investment taken and foreign economic cooperation


Energy product, energy consumption, energy balance table, efficiency of energy conversion


Government debt, national finance, local revenue, local fiscal revenue, total revenue and expenditure of nation and the growth rate, central and local fiscal revenue and the proportion, central and local fiscal expenditure and the proportion, financial major revenue items, fiscal major expenditure items , Extra-budgetary project revenues, Extra-budgetary project expenditures, central and local extra-budgetary expenditure and the proportion, foreign debt, national government income and expenditure accounts of the fund, central level of government revenue and expenditure of the fund, local level of government property income and expenditure accounts of the fund


Yield curve, money market interest rates, deposit and lending rates, the central bank policy rate, bill rate, the international market lending rates

Price index

Hikes, monthly price index, CPI, various price indexes by region, various price fixed base index, consumer price CPI sorted index, retail price sorted index, the price sorted index of agricultural producer, price sorted index of agricultural production, producer price index (PPI), raw-material fuel and power purchase price index, price index of fixed asset investment

Economics sentiment index

Macroeconomics sentiment index, national real estate sentiment index,economist confidence index, industry and enterprise sentiment index, consumer sentimental index, purchase management index(PMI), HSBC China PMI, JP Morgan Global PMI, banker questionnaire survey, People’s Bank entrepreneurs questionnaire survey, People’s Bank depositor questionnaire survey