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RESSET Investment Events Database records the financing conditions of approximately 26900 enterprises through different development period.Those include venture investment, angel investment and some other investments. The data are comprehensive and abundant. Enterprise abbreviation,full-name, national standard industry, Region, Event ID, Financing Time, Investment Institutions, Investor, Financing Nature and many other important variables are all well covered.

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Investment Events

Enterprise ID、Company Abbreviation、Company Name、National Standard Industry Level 1、National Standard Industry Level 2、National Standard Industry Level 3、National Standard Industry Level 4、Region、Event ID、Financing Time、Investment Institutions、Investor、Financing Nature、Stage of Development、Financing Amount、The Unit of Currency、Financing Amount_US、Equity、Enterprise Valuation_US$M、Enterprise Business Status、Enterprise Web Site、Financial Year、Total Assets、Net Assets、Net Profit、Business Income、Unit、P / E Ratio、Price-to-Sales Ratio、P/B Ratio