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RESSET insurance database is collected from company announcements of major insurance companies and China Insurance Regulatory Commission. The database is rich, clear and comprehensive and easy to use. The data included the major insurance companies operating data, industry experience data, insurance business of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and various regions and countries in the world.

Categories Database list
Listed Insurance Company

Pingan Insurance、China Life Insurance、China Pacific Insurance、PICC Property and Casualty、New China Life Insurance

The Insurance Company

Anbang Insurance、Ancheng Insurance、Anxin Agricultural Insurance、Bohai Property Insurance、Chang An Property and Liability Insurance、China Continent Insurance、Dazhong Insurance、Dinghe Insurance、Dubang Insurance、Guoyuan Insurance、Sinosafe Insurance etc.

Life Insurance Company

Aeon Life Insurance、Greatwall Life Insurance、Sun Life Everbright Life、Guohua Life Insurance、Union Life Insurance、Huaxia Insurance、Jiahe Life Insurance、Kunlun Health Insurance、Minsheng Life、Ping An Life Insurance、Ping An Endowment Insurance、PICC、PICC Life Insurance、China Life Group etc.

Company Operating Data

Premium Income、Property Insurance Company Business Statistics etc.

Insurance Company Business Statistics_Life Insurance

PICC Life Insurance、PICC、China Life、Taiping Life、China Taiping Endowment Insurance、Minsheng Life、Sunshine Life Insurance、China Pacific Endowment Insurance、Pingan Life Insurance、Ping An Endowment Insurance、Ping An Health Insurance 、Huatai Life、New China Life、Taikang Life Insurance、Tianan Life、Sino Life etc.

Industry Management Data_Insurance

Insurance Industry Data、Industry Premium Income、Industry Compensation Expense、Regions Premium Income、Regions Compensation Expenses、Regions Insurance Density、Regions Insurance Penetration、Industry Business Data

Global Data_Insurance

World Regions_Insurance、Countris_Insurance、Countris_Life Insurance、Enterprise Annuity Business 、Insurance Business Data etc.