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The design ideas, system structure, data quality and technical model of RESSET Industry Database have fully taken into account current industry standards and operational applications. Based on the advantage of meta-data and the understanding of the insutry economy and focusing on the industry itself, with the help of questionnaires, interviews with many well-known experienced staffs in different industries, our industry economic indicators system can stasify the economic development and research requirements at the right time. In order to facilitate the university teachers and students and the industry related organizations, we build a monthly comprehensive industry database group. The data coverage is wide, the index is affluent and every index is collected by year, month, and day.

In the logic of the index arrangement, we build a ‘focusing on classification, focusing on the maintenance’ strategy. That means we set the customer commonly used indicators as the key indicators and pay full attention on them. By fully guaranting the update frequency and stability of these key indicators, to statisfy the needs of the daily work of teachers and students and industry data users. In addition, we also provide economic and industry analysis template according to the customer demand for customized service template. It can automatically refresh the data and charts, which improve the efficiency of the use of customers.

RESSET industry database sets data display, data query, data integration, data downloading and graphics rendering as a whole and covers ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, coal, animal husbandry and fishery, household appliances, transportation, food and beverage, utilities, electronic components, TMT (technology, media and communications), information equipment, chemical industry, biological medicine, food tourism, commercial trade, machinery, transportation, financial services, real estate, textile and clothing, light manufacturing, building materials and other industries.

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