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RESSET Industry Financial Database is designed specially for industry finance research. Under the classification of the national economy industry GB2002 and GB2011, the database collects industry financial data from appropriate authorities such as National Bureau of Statistics.

Industry financial data base is classified by monthly and quarterly. It contains the total assets by industry, the number of companies, the number of loss-making companies, ratio of asset inflation proof and incremental value, ratio of liabilities to assets, value added rate of current assets (frequency), Ratio of Profits to Cost, ratio of income as a percentage of sales, occupany rate of products capital, average sales rate per capita, toal liabilities, poduct sales revenue, cost of product sales, poduct selling expense, poduct sales tax and additional, magement expenses, financial expenses, total profit, total amount of taxes, interest expense, value added tax payable, total loss of lossmaking companies, Annual average number of employees, sales output, export delivery value, net accounts receivable, inventory, capital occupation of finished goods, annual average balance of current assets and the other financial indicators as well as the year-on-year growth rates of some financial indicators.