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The Hong Kong Stocks Database contains all historic data of each Hong Kong stock, since listed, including a total of 11 categories which are stock and corporate information, capital structure, financial investment and dividends, shareholders' equity, performance and finance, company managers, information news, market, warrants, HK stock index, stock returns, involving shareholders’ information, corporate finance and company managers of more than 1,000 HK stocks listed companies. We have calculated rate of return of each HK stocks and HK stock market by all frequency, leading rich and comprehensive data.

Categories Database list
HK stocks and companies information

Stocks information, companies information

HK stocks capital structure

Capital structure_ extent, splits and consolidations, share repossess

HK stocks financial investment and dividends

Issue and list_ extent, dividends_ extent, intermediary

HK stocks shareholders’ equity

Shareholders’ equity_ extent, directors’ equity_ extent, equity of the related corporation of directors_ extent

HK stocks performance and finance

Balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement, financial indicators, the main indicators of financial analysis, management review, Hong Kong segment information

HK stocks managers

Introduction of managers_ extent, position information of managers

HK stocks information news

Special notes of HK stocks, original announcements of HK stocks

HK stocks market

Market, right adjustment factor

HK stocks warrants

Warrant information, warrant market, callable bull-bear contract market

HK stocks index

Index constituents

HK stocks returns

Divided into holding period returns and accumulative returns, containing return data on stocks and stock market by frequency of day, week, month, season, and year.