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The RESSET Financial Products Database covers nearly 200,000 types of issued and would-issued financial products, containing detailed information about investment details, terms, heavy warehouse combinations, dividends, net earnings, announcements news of 5 categories products including brokerage collection financing, trust financing, sunshine private fund, bank financing and insurance financing. Content are professional and comprehensive, which are all collected from timely and commercial-use first-hand data. Database system is clear and reasonable, used flexibly and conveniently.

Categories Database list
Financial product logos and information

Information financial products, investment managers of products

Brokerage collection financing

Product information, product terms, share changes, rates, investment underlying assets, asset allocation, equity investments, bond investments, fund investments, heavy warehouse stock portfolio, heavy warehouse bond portfolio, heavy warehouse fund portfolio, net value, dividends, split translation

Trust financing

Information of trust financial products, information of sunshine private fund financial products, terms of sunshine private fund financial products, net value of sunshine private fund

Bank financing

Information of bank financial products, terms of bank financial products, net earnings of bank financial products

Insurance financing

Information of insurance financial products, investment account information of insurance financial products, account association of insurance financial products, settlement rate of insurance financial products, unit price of investment accounts of insurance products

Performances of financial products

Right adjustment factors of financial products