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RESSET Energy Resources Database relies on the distinctive data advantages of Beijing Gildata Resset Data Co., Ltd., Developed through professional processing and organization, it serves college faculty and students and industrial organizations. The data origins include authoritative statistics from U.S. Energy Information Administration, British Petroleum, etc. With accurate and real-time information and query operation well fitting users’ research and analysis habit, it has become the database with soundest structure, most detailed categories and largest amount of data in the industry. The database includes all the historical data of 7 major categories of petroleum and other liquids, gas, electricity, coal, renewable and alternative energy, nuclear energy and uranium mine and total energy in general situation, usage, price adjustment and specific usage in transportation, industry, residence and business.

Categories Database list
International Energy

It covers annual and mothly data for petroleum, natural gas, electricity, consumption and efficiency, coal, renewable and alternative fuels, nuclear power and uranium from worldwide. Energy consumption, production, price, capacity utilization rate and some other materials also included. The data are origin form U.S. energy information (EIA), the British Petroleum Corporation (BP) and some other authoritative organizations.

The domestic energy

The production, consumption, balance and conversion rate of oil, coal, electricity and other domestic energy sources