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RESSET Financial Research Database (RESSET/DB) is mainly for colleges and universities, financial research institutions, research departments of financial enterprises, providing support for empirical research and model test. RESSET/DB is designed by numerous experts from Tsinghua University, Peking University, and the London School of Economics. It is the only professional database in line with the world's leading standards, referring to the research concepts of internationally renowned database, combined with China's national conditions carefully.

RESSET/DB has comprehensive historical data and a wide coverage, including series of stocks, foreign exchange, bonds, futures, funds, gold, research reports, margin trading, financial statistics, macro statistics, and industry statistics. It is a data platform providing professional services supporting model test, investment research, empirical research and academic and laboratory construction. Currently, there are more than 500 renowned domestic and international universities and research institutions using RESSET Database products, and thousands of high-quality academic journals which refer to data from RESSET/DB, published on domestic and international top-ranking publication every year.

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Merged Stock Data, Company and Security Information, Industry Classification, Name and Status Changes, Financing Investment Distribution, Shareholders and Share Capital, Quotation and Distribution, Cash Dividends Statistics, Securities Information and News, Valuation Indices, Earning Preannouncement, Shareholders' Equity, Share Merger Reform, Organizational Governance Structure, Company Major Event, Internal Control of Companies, Financial Statement, Financial Indicators, Financial Statement Note, Warrants, Indexes, PE Ratio, Turnover Ratio, Market Value, Holding Period Return, Cumulative Return, Third Market Return, Volatility, Three Factor Model, CAPM Beta


Bond Identification and Information, Money Market Data, Risk Free Return, Bond Issue and UnderWriting, Convertible Bond, Bond Credit Rating and Guarantee, Option Bond Information, Bond Quote and Valuation, Interbank Offered Quote and Statistics, Bond Repo, Bond Index, Bond Yield Curve, Bond Market Statistics, Bond Company's Financial Statements, Bond News


Fund Identification and Information, Fund Trustee and Management, Fund Holder and Shares Change, Fund Issuing And Listing, Fund Net Value, Fund Quote and Performance, Money Fund, Open Ended Fund Return, Fund Investment Portifolio, QDII Fund Investment Portfolio, Fund Financial Statements and Analysis, Fund Financial Indicators, Fund Rating, Fund Index , Fund Announcement and News, ETF

Research Report

Index Forecast, Index Forecast_Current, Stock Forecast Rating(Analyst Forecast), Stock Earnings Forecast, Stock Profit Forecast(2007-2012), Stock Profit Forecast(2013-), Stock Rating and Target Price Forecast, Stock Rating and Target Price Forecast_Current, Industry Financial Indicators, Industry Forecast, Industry Forecast_Current, Industry Rating Forecast, Company Financial Comment

Margin and Short Sale

Margin and Short Sale Underlying Security, Margin and Short Sale Operational Indicators, Convertible Margin Rate by Category, Margin Short Sale Trading Statistics, Margin Short Sale Trading Detail, Underlying Security Margin Ratio Daily, Convertible Margin Rate Daily(2010), Convertible Margin Rate Daily(2011), Convertible Margin Rate Daily(2012), Convertible Margin Rate Daily(2013)

Macro Statistics

Macro Statistics, Macro Indexes, Macro News

Industry Statistics

Industry Indexes, Industry News

Financial Statistics

Central Bank Data, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Debt, Finance Balance and Tax Rate, Transaction Statistics, Trustee Statistics, Premiums, Stock Market Statistics

Foreign Exchange

Primary Currency Information, Exchange Rate Code Refrence, Exchange Rate, Foreign Exchange Spot Matching Quote, Foreign Exchange Spot Inquiry Quote, Foreign Exchange Forward Inquiry Quote, Foreign Exchange Swap Inquiry Quote


Futures Contract, Futures Trade Quote, Futures Trade Statistics, Futures Market News


Gold Product Information, Gold Quotation, Gold Production, Gold Market Information