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Please contact us when you encounter any problem related to data processing, arithmetic for models and other fields, or when you need to customize data. RESSET will provide you with the most professional solutions as soon as possible. If you have bought RESSET products, we will provide not only the standard service but also the professional technology support you need.

Please login in<< RESSET Financial Research Database (RESSET/DB) >>to submit your order. You can check the reply to your submission through ‘My center’ in RESSET/DB.

Note: Certain amount of free customization service is offered for teachers in our formally registered clients. We will charge some reasonable fee as the cost of data processing for extra amount of customization.
Data customization is limited to the following 2 situations:
        1. Complicate date processing and computation based on RESSET data is needed.
        2. The original data are open to the public and available on internet. RESSET can help you to process these data and generate the data formats you need.
For other situations you need to contact us via resset@resset.cn.