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RESSET Coal Database is designed specifically for the study of China’s and international coal industry. The data are origin from National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, China Customs, the National Bureau of statistics, the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), the British Petroleum Corporation (BP), the International Coal Association and some other worldwide authorities.

There are almost 2600 statistical indictors which make sure the database comprehensively and Abundantly. The database covers domestic coal prices, production, inventory, import and export, sales, shipments, reservation and consumption. Besides, data of international coal, American coal, Indonesia coal, Austrilian coal, and transportation of International Coal Port and some other international coal data also included.

Categories Database list
Coal Producing Area Price

Heilongjiang Province Coal Price、Liaoning Province Coal Price、Jilin Province Coal Price、Inner Mongolia Coal Price、Shaanxi Province Coal Price、Xinjiang Coal Price、Qinghai Province Coal Price、Gansu Province Coal Price、Ningxia Province Coal Price、Hebei Province Coal Price、Beijing Coal Price、Shanxi Province Coal Price、Shandong Coal Price、Jiangsu Province Coal Price、Anhui Province Coal Price、Zhejiang Province Coal Price、Jiangxi Province Coal Price、Henan Province Coal Price、Hunan Province Coal Price、Sichuan Province Coal Price、Chongqing Province Coal Price、Guizhou Province Coal Price、Yunnan Province Coal Price、Hubei Province Coal Price

Port Coal Price

Qinhuangdao Coal Price、Guangzhou Port Coal Price、Jingtang Coal Price、Tianjin Port Coal Price、Huanghua Port Coal Price、Meng Home Port Coal Price、Pizhou Port Coal Price、Xuzhou Port Coal Price、Wan Village Port Coal Price、Double Floor Port Coal Price、Lianyungang Coal Price、Dalian Port Coal Price、Yinkou Port Coal Price、Rizhao Port Coal Price、Shanghai Port Coal Price、Ningbo Port Coal Price、Fangchenggang Coal Price、Zhangjiagang Coal Price、Caofeidian Coal Price、Other Port Coal Price

Chinese Import Prices of Coal

Indonesian Export to China Coal Price 、Vietnam Export to China Coal Price、Russia Export to China Coal Price、Australian Export to China Coal Price、North Korea Export to China Coal Price 、Canada Export to China Coal Price 、Mongolian Exporting China Coal Price、The United States Export to China Coal Price

Coal Price of Steel Mill

Shougang Coal Price、Laigang Coal Price、Jigang Coal Price、Hangang Coal Price、Xingang Coal Price 、Chenggang Coal Price、Xuangang Coal Price 、Shigang Coal Price、Tangshan Jianlong Coal Price、Shaogang Coal Price、Xianggang Coal Price、Pinggang Coal Price、Benxi Steel Price、Angang Coal Price、Linggang Coal Price、Xinfu Steel Coal Price、Sanming Steel Coal Price 、Kunming Steel Coal Price、Jiugang Coal Price、Water Steel Coal Price、Other Steel Coal Price

Coal Prices of Key Power Plants

Commodity Coal Price、Huaneng Group Coal Price、Guodian Power Coal Price、International Coal Price、The Main Coal Index、Bohai Sea Power Coal Index、China Coastal(Bulk)Freight Rate、China Coastal Coal Freight Rate Index

Coal Production

Shanxi Coal Production、Shanxi Province Commodity Coal Production

Coal Stock

Social Inventory、National Coal Inventory、Shanxi Coal Inventory

Coal Import and Export Volume

Steam Coal Export、Thermal Coal Import、Coking Coal Export、Coking Coal Import、China Coal Import Amout、China Coal Export Amout、The World Coal Import Amout、The World Coal Export Amout

Coal Reserves

Coal Reserves

Coal Consumption

Downstream Industry Coal Consumption Statistic

Global Coal Data Base

Global Main Coal Price(Week)、Global Main Coal Price(Day)、Global Coal Production (Millions of Oil Equivalent)、Global Coal Production(Million Tons)、Global Coal Consumption、Global Primary Energy Consumption、EIA Global Coal Export、EIA Global Coal Import、Global Proven Coal Reserves、Global Anthracite and Bituminous Coal Proven Reserves、Global Bituminous Coal and Lignite Proven Reserves、Global Coal Reserves Accounted、EIA Global Coal Carbon Dioxide Emission、USA Coal Output_Current Value、USA Coal Production_Accumulated Value、USA Coking Coal Import、USA Coal Import、USA Coal Import Amout、USA Coal Export Volume、USA Coal Export Amount、USA Coal Consumption、USA Coal Inventories、Indonesia Coal Data、Australian Coking Coal Export、Australian Thermal Coal Export、Australian Coal Export、Newcastle Coal Data、Richards Bay Port Coal Data

Coal Loading Capacity

Gross Domestic Coal Transported、Shanxi Coal Cargo、Shanxi Coal Loading Quantity

Coal Sales Volume

Coal Sales