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RESSET City Profiles database included the current situation of the major provinces and cities, including urban area, number of city street lamps, number of Urban Bridges, number of city parks, city Park Area, urban sweeping area, city taxi number, the number of city public toilet, the city built-up area, city gas coverage, city park green area, city sanitation machinery, the total number of city construction land area, city water supply capacity, city water supply amount, city urban population density, etc.

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City Park Number、City Park Area、City Cleaning Area 、City Water Population、City Taxi Number、City Stool Cleaning Quantity、City Toilet Number、City Built-up Area、City Gas Population Rate、City Park Green Area、City Sanitation Machinery Total Number、City Central Heating Area、City Construction Area、City Hot Water Supply Capacity、City Hot Water Total Supply、City Urban Population Density、City Sewer Total Length 、City landscape Green Area、City Confiscation Area etc.