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RESSET Administrative area and Environment database includes the economic situation of Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, West Asia, Central Asia and the other 50 countries in Eastern Europe. The data covers Agriculture and rural development, Aid efficiency, Infrastructure, Climate change, Educational subdivision index, Energy and minerals, Environmental subdivision index, Financial sector, Gender, Health index, Labor and social security, Poverty, private sector, public sector, Science and technology subdivision index, social development, urban development, service, Public and public security, purchasing power parity, gross national income, gross domestic product, Import and export of goods and services, Economic policy and other external debt, Net flow of bilateral assistance from DAC donor countries, Private no guarantee, foreign debt, Gross fixed capital formation, net worth, Consumer spending in Philippines, Added value, total investment, Consumer price index, etc.

Categories Database list
Natural resources

Natural state_annually_nationwide, The total length of coastline, Surface water and groundwater resources_annually_nationwide+provinces, Total stumpage volume (1994-1998 inventory number), Total stumpage volume (1994-1998 inventory number) _annually_nationwide+provinces, Area of Nature Reserve, Area of Nature Reserve Area, Number of nature reserves, natural resources, Area of aquaculture_annually_nationwide, Waters have been farmed area_annually_nationwide Total water area_annually_nationwide, Total amount of water resources, Forest coverage (1994-1998 inventory number) _annually_nationwide+provinces, Forest coverage (1994-1998 inventory number), Forest area (1994-1998 inventory number), Forest area (1994-1998 inventory number) _annually_nationwide+provinces, Forest stock (1994-1998 inventory number), Forest stock (1994-1998 inventory number) _annually_nationwide+provinces

The removal and disposal of city life garbage

Treatment of urban waste, Removal of city excrement, City life garbage removal Waste incineration plant number, Treatment amount of waste incineration, Disposal capacity of waste incineration, Number of treatment plants in refuse sanitary landfill, Treatment volume of waste sanitary landfill, Treatment capacity of waste sanitary landfill, Garbage harmless treatment plant number, Waste harmless treatment volume, Garbage disposal capacity, Treatment rate of domestic refuse disposal

National administrative divisions

Number of prefecture level divisions, Number of prefecture level cities, County division number, Number of county-level cities, Number of township level divisions, Number of towns, City area number

the afforestation area

Afforestation area of protected forest, Aerial seeding afforestation area, The afforestation area of Beijing and Tianjin sandstorm source control project, Afforestation area of economic forest, Artificial forest area (1994-1998 inventory number), Artificial afforestation area, Afforestation area of forestry key project, The north and the Yangtze River shelterbelt construction project afforestation area, Fuelwood forest area, Afforestation area of timber forest, Total afforestation area, Afforestation area of fast growing and high yield timber forest base construction project, Special purpose forest afforestation area, Afforestation area of natural forest protection project

Industrial "three wastes" emissions

Industrial sulfur dioxide emissions, Industrial sulfur dioxide emissions_ industrial "three wastes" emissions, Industrial solid waste production, Industrial solid waste disposal, Industrial solid waste storage, Comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste, Number of Industrial pollution control projects completed this year

The situation of land use

Area of construction land, Land area of traffic, Number of street offices, Residential land and industrial land area, Forestry land area (1994-1998 inventory number), Area of pasture and farmland area, Area of land investigation, Afforestation area of returning farmland to forest project, Garden area, Land area of water conservancy facilities

Investment of Environmental pollution and control

Forestry afforestation project investment, The source of funds for afforestation in forest system, The source of funds for afforestation in forest system_State budget funds, The source of funds for afforestation in forest system_Domestic loan, The source of funds for afforestation in forest system_Treasury bonds, The source of funds for afforestation in forest system_Utilization of foreign capital, The source of funds for afforestation in forest system_Other sources of funding, The source of funds for afforestation in forest system_Special funds of the central government, The source of funds for afforestation in forest system_Self financing, Construction projects completed investment, Industrial waste gas pollution project investment, Industrial waste water pollution project investment, Industrial solid waste pollution project investment, Investment in industrial pollution control projects, Investment in industrial pollution projects, Industrial pollution control project investment _ annually_ nationwide_ Provinces, Industrial noise pollution project investment